All Aboard: the Metro Design and what it means to you – Shane Morris

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk around Metro, which is at the center of the new Windows 8 experience. Shane Morris, ex-Microsoft User Experience Design Evangelist and currently Director at Automatic Studio, was recently in town and shared lots of great tips about how to navigate Metro design.

Code named ‘Metro’; this design theme is inspired by one of the most common sights we see in our daily lives – the Metro (or the MRT in our case!)

If you’ve noticed, the signs, guidelines at our Metro/MRT stations have a clean, clear, distinctive design theme. The straight lines, squares and circles make it easy to distinguish and identify the stations. This is the key objective of the new Metro User Experience with Windows 8 as well.

Shane shared that Metro is quintessentially a design that immerses users in the content. Instead of trying to re-create real life experiences on your tablet, it makes use of clean, modern and motion design to bring apps to life. This design also makes it easy to distinguish apps from one another – and if you as a developer make the effort to, you can easily bring your app to life with the ‘live tiles’ and attract users back to your application.

Here are Shane’s slides:

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