Kinect for Windows is Here! by Alex Goh

The day has finally come. Kinect is officially coming to Windows!

On 9th Jan 2012, during CES Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft would ship Kinect for Windows on February 1st and yesterday, version 1.0 of the commercial SDK and runtime were made available for download. Also, the distribution partners in twelve launch countries are starting to ship Kinect for Windows hardware, with suggested retail price $249.

Kinect has changed the way people play games and experience entertainment. Now, Kinect for Windows offers the potential to transform how people interact with computers and Windows-embedded devices in multiple industries, including education, healthcare, retail, transportation, and beyond. Kinect shows the promise of Natural User Interface (NUI) and the role Microsoft plays as a thought-leader and technical innovator in this exciting space.

Since the last beta, the updated SDK has picked up a number of new features including support for up to four Kinects being used simultaneously and near mode for monitoring motion from just 40cm away. See the complete product features here.

Looking for great on content on how to build apps for Kinect? Visit Channel 9 where we have updated quick starts and open source projects.

Get Started –  Kinect for Windows Quickstart Series

  • Installing and Using the Kinect Sensor
  • Setting up your Development Environment
  • Camera Fundamentals
  • Working with Depth Data
  • Skeletal Tracking Fundamentals
  • Audio Fundamentals

Resources & Documentation

More Kinect for Windows Photos & Videos

Read more on the official announcement here.

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    Do you when Kinect for Windows is going to be available, in Singapore?



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