We Live to Code Results released! by Cheng Yee

We Live to Code has officially come to an end on 5th May, when we received the final app submissions from our participants! Great job to all the participants in this hackathon!

So who are the winners of the Samsung Ativ PCs? *drumrolls*

3rd prize goes to StockFolio.

Screen shot 1

StockFolio allows you to monitor the progress of your desire stock exchange market. It could support multiple stock exchange markets and keep their settings neatly separated. Interested to download, visit the Windows Store!

2nd prize goes to Langcat!

Skjermbilde 1

Do you find translators too one-off, or phrasebooks too rigid and inflexible? Langcat helps you to translate, remember and learn new languages. Check out Langcat on Windows Store!

Last but not least, Project Timeline wins the 1st Prize of We Live to Code! 

Screen shot 1

Having a lot of tasks with chaos of due dates in your personal projects, company projects, and many many more projects with a lot of collaborators? Project Timeline is a tool to plan and organize your tasks and projects. All the tasks are displayed on a timeline, making it easy to keep track of the start and end dates for each task. So you are not afraid of missing another deadline again. For more information, visit Project Timeline official website and download it from Windows Store.

With that, We Live to Code has officially come to an end. Hope you guys had fun at our hackathon and see you again at our future events! 🙂

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