Windows Phone Challenge #3 Winners by Tan Chun Siong

Hi folks, here are the winners for the Windows Phone Challenge #3!

Nokia Lumia 1020 Challenges

1. A filter application which allows users to show filter effects in real time while taking picture and add the filter effect after taking a picture. This application should provide the user with 10 interesting filter effects (you are to come up with these effects), and you are encouraged to use the Nokia Imaging SDK for this. The application would provide users In-App-Purchase features to purchase additional interesting filters. You are free to come up with the revenue dynamics of this application, but the app should be 100% free to download from the store. The application should also save a 38MP picture into isolated storage if the detected phone is a Lumia 1020.To maximize your potential of getting revenue from purchases of filters, you should add a gallery of user generated photos with the effects. You should also provide a “trial” to some of these paid filters, example use for 3 times.

No Winner.

2. A photography application which can trigger one or more other Windows Phone to take pictures. The intention of this application would be to great a bullet time effect. The master phone should be able to connect or sync up with the slave(s) phones via NFC or other means you deem fit. Once synced, the master phone should be able to trigger the slave(s) phones in a continuous manner. The slave phones should send the pictures taken back to the master phone in chronological order in which the photos are taken. If possible, the delay time between 2 slave phones taking pictures should be less than 10ms. You can considering doing a burst mode of each of the slave phones, and selecting the ones which makes the chronological order.

Bullet Time Camera and Action

3. A video diary application similar to the popular iOS and Android application, one second everyday. Here’s the original idea One Second Everyday ; but we would love to have you take it further. While the application strictly follows the calendar, this windows phone version of the application should also allow the user to use it during holiday and during events to take lots of 1 seconds snippets. Do note that you would have to save the videos into isolated storage (when you are travelling, there is no Internet) and then onto an online storage services. The online service would then trim these videos to exactly 1 second each and stitch them together.

One Second Diary

4. An optical object regconition app comparable to CamFind. You can find an API for this on mashape.

No Winner.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Challenges

1. An application to show the dengue hotspots in Singapore. You should make use of Here Maps for this application. This application show make use of Live Tiles to rotate information about the dengue hotspots in Singapore. The application should also users to voice query for hotspots in a region and response with speech. Example users will ask “appname, is bukit panjang a dengue hotspot?”, the application should reply “Yes or no” and show the map of the region. If possible, implement a push notification update which will show the users what are the newest reported dengue hotspots. Here’s a website you can start off with Dengue

SG Dengue Hotspot

2. An application to check the timing of SMRT Trains at different stations and provide news of Breakdown. This application should allow user to pin their favorite station(s) as a live tile(s), and this live tile should show the arriving timing of the next train. User may pin more than 1 station live tiles. There should also be a “status watch ” live tile which would show the general status of the trains running. If there is any delay or breakdown, this live tile should show the information in text.

SG Train Time

3. An application which is similar or comparable to myENV application from NEA

No Winner.

4. An application which is similar or comparable to iTown@SG from Town Council


5. A competitive application similar or comparable to SBS Iris NextBus. The application should allow users launch the application via Speech to query by Buses Number / Bus Stop Number. Example “app name, timing for bus 190” or “app name, bus timing at bus stop 12345”. The application will then launch and ask you for more information (if necessary) before displaying the wait time. The application should also allow you to pin a secondary live tile with the wait time for a specific bus at a specific bus stop. Pressing this live tile will launch the application to give you more information on the bus and its bus route.


Nokia Lumia 920 Sudden Death Challenges

1. An application to help create SMS for overseas notification. You have to follow the list of countries available from for overseas notification. This application should allow the user to use speech to launch the application from the start screen. Example “appname overseas notification to australia from 1st October 2013 to 10th October 2013” will help you to create the SMS template to 36767.

“MNC NRIC Country of Visit Departure Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Return Date Contact Number”

This application should prompt you for your NRIC and Contact Number on first launch and store it into the isolated storage.


2. An application to show the programme schedule for MioTV and Starhub Cable TV

SG TV Guide


3. An client application for reading sgag post, Singapore’s version of 9gag.



4. An client application similar to 4DTOTO@SG, but showing big sweep results for Singapore
Speech is optional for this as Big Sweep numbers are really long. 🙂



5. A fan application for Internet Explorer Mascot Inori Aizawa. You are free to use this as a template, please use this Theme Pack link for the “soundboard” section. Do change the background, fonts, wallpapers and videos to suit the theme of IE or Inori Aizawa. Also include the video from Anime Festival Asia Special Video and add the video theme song as a Windows Phone Ringtone. If you need pictures for wallpaper, refer to this skydrive account to select relevant ones. Do ensure that the sounds from the soundboards are savable as SMS and other alert tones on the Windows Phone

No Winner
Inori Aizawa

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