Winners for Windows Phone Challenge (Lumia 920 & Lumia 925) by Tan Chun Siong

Hi Folks,

We have ended our previous windows phone challenge here, and these are the winners for the specific ideas 🙂
We are opening up the rest of the applications for sudden death mode. This sudden death challenge will end after 14th September 2359hrs, after that we will be running an all new challenge!
Be the first to publish the application meeting all the requirement and you will win the challenge!

1. Singapore 4D/Toto result application with Push Notifications whenever the results are available. Live Tiles and Lockscreen capable of showing latest results. Voice command to launch application (“what’s the 4D/Toto/Lottery result today”), (“what’s the previous 4D/Toto/Lottery result”),(“what’s the 4D/Toto/Lottery result last week”), and speech synthesis should read out the results in Mandarin and English. Optional: Location Based Services to find the nearest betting stations.


2. Address locator application with Live Tiles, Lock-screen and voice command. It will to let you know the civil/friendly address of “where you are”. Voice command for users to ask “where am i”, or “what’s the address of my current location”. The application will launch, read out the location you are and show the civic address (505 bukit panjang ring road)+map on the phone. Live tiles and Lock-screen will show on a periodic basis (using background task) current civic address + map of user.

Locate Me

3. Singapore Weather Application with Push Notification, Secondary Live Tiles, Lock-screen and Voice command. You maybe assume that users of this application will only be from Singapore. Voice command to launch application “will it rain today”, “will it rain tomorrow”, “will it rain next Monday”, “will it rain on 4th July”, “is it sunny today”, “is it cloudy today”, “what’s the weather for the next 3 days”, “what’s the weather for the next 5 days”, “what’s the weather for the week”. Application should response with voice and necessary weather information. Push notifications should be implemented for flood warnings, haze level, and rains + probability for subscribed areas. Example user can subscribe to office (raffles place), school (clementi) and home (bukit panjang) location for rain notification. Users can pin secondary live tiles of raffles place, clementi and bukit panjang to start screen. Users should have the option to display the weather information on their Lock-screen.

Open for Sudden Death

4. School planning application with Voice command, for parents to find out which primary/secondary schools are nearby for their child. After allowing users to set their home location via GPS/map selection/address/postal code, this application will be show nearby schools on the map control. The application will after which draw a transparent circle around the home location to show which schools are within the radius. Tapping the school on the map should launch the browser or show more information about the school. Voice command to launch application “what are the schools around 018989”, “what are the schools around me now”, “what are the schools around this area”, “what are the schools around 30 bedok north road”. Application to response with map and list of schools around user specified location.


5. Singapore Pools Soccer Betting Information with Push Notifications when results are out for user-specified soccer league, Voice command, Live Tiles and Lock-screen showing latest results. Voice command to launch application (“what’s the latest results for champions league”). Application read out results in English, and show the available results on screen. Secondary live tiles should show results of user-specified soccer league. Lock-screen should show the latest soccer results. Optional: Location Based Services to find the nearest betting stations.


6. CarPark lots availability application with Voice command, Secondary Live tiles, which shows a list of CarPark and lots. The application should have the capability of pinning specific CarPark secondary live tile showing the parking lots left. Voice command to query on specific CarPark lots left (“what is the available lots in marina bay sands”), with voice response (“there are 100 lots left in marina bay sands”).

Get Me A Lot

7. Queue watch application for polyclinics in Singapore with Voice command and Secondary Live tiles. Users should be able to pin secondary live tiles of specified polyclinics to start screen, showing number of queue and waiting time. Lock-screen should allow users to display the number of patient and waiting time of specified clinic. Voice command to launch “how’s/what’s the queue at bedok polyclinic”. Application should read out number of queues, waiting time and display the live camera feed for bedok polyclinic. The list of polyclinic should be sorted by waiting time, and navigational directions should be given on how to transit to the selected polyclinic from current location.

SG Polyclinic

8. Clinic finding application in Singapore. This application will list the clinics nearby or the entire list base on their affiliation. When working in companies, HR typically issues medical benefit cards to employees. Different medical benefit card requires you to visit different clinics. This application will show you the different type of benefit schemes, and the clinics/hospital/ Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician which you can visit. It should show information such as name, address, opening hours and contact number of the clinic. This application should also show the list (top 50) of nearby clinics on a map. Voice command should allow you to search for clinics base on name, or affiliations.


Nokia Lumia 925 Challenges

1. Singapore taxi fare calculator with Voice command. This application will estimated price and suggest the route to take. Voice command to launch application (“how much does it cost to take a cab from changi to yishun”), (“how much does it cost to take a cab to changi airport”), (“how much does it cost to take a cab from 505 bukit panjang to 100 bedok north road). Application should read out amount and show the map + route on screen. Do include CBD, Peak hours, Airport, Midnight and ERP charges.

SG Taxi Fare

2. Singapore Movie Application to find out the vacancies of SG Cinemas for various movies. Voice command will be able to query “what is the availability of despicable me today”. The application should show the list of cinemas and the available number of seats in the cinema.


3. Internet radio for Singapore channels, with capabilities to pin secondary tiles for specific radio channels. Voice command to launch application (turn on the radio for class 95), and secondary tile allows launching of app directly to radio channel.

SG Radio

4. Voice command application to find commonly used / amenities around you, example AXS, ATM, SAM Machines, Convenient Store, Post Office, Supermarket, Police Station, MRT Stations etc…. Voice command to launch application “where is the nearest dbs atm”, and would show you the direction+map on how to get there. The list of amenities should be reliably accurate and recently updated.


5. Phone book application with Voice command, which searches Singapore’s directory for the contact number and dials the number for you. Voice command enabled and allows you to search by voice. Example “call OCBC, call ministry of manpower, call Macdonald’s delivery, call crystal jade Holland village”. It should show to source of the number (, hungry go where, yellow pages or other sources) before attempting to dial the number.

Find A Number

6. Push notification, Secondary Live Tile and Lock-Screen application for Flights out of Singapore, it will send a push notification once the fare to the user once it drops below user’s specified price. The Lock-Screen should also be able to show/monitor a list of flights. The Secondary live tile should be able to show list of countries which fares are below a user specified threshold. The voice command will be able to query “what are the flights below $200”, “how much does it cost to fly to Kuala Lumpur”


7. ERP monitoring application for Singapore with Voice command and Secondary Live tiles. Users should be able to pin secondary live tiles of specified ERP gantry to lock-screen, showing the price of crossing the gantry for different vehicle at last tile scheduled update time. Voice command to launch “how much does it cost to cross (gantry abc) at 3pm on weekdays/weekends”. Application should response with speech, speaking and showing the price of different vehicles of the queried gantry at the queried timing (do take note of weekdays and weekend differences. Show/response with free/nocharge if ERP gantry is turned off for these voice queries.

SG ERP Rates

8. Tertiary education application in Singapore. This application will list the cut of points for courses in the 4 universities and 5 polytechnic in Singapore. It should show the history of cut of points published by the school across the years and there should be official writeup on what the courses are about. It should show information such as name, address, contact number of the tertiary institute. The application should allow user to search for institutes and courses filtered by cut off points / grades for A/O Levels. You should also show the transportation, bus services and MRT stations around the institute. It would be great if there is multiple direct bus route coverage show on a map for the particular institute. Voice command should be able to launch the application, allow user to query the cut off point of specific course. It should show the results for both polytechnic and university. Example “eduapp, show me what is the cut off point for computer science.”, “eduapp, what is the cut off point for business administration”


9. Singapore Post Application – This application will help to find nearby post office and post box. This application will also calculate the cost associated with the weight/size of a parcel. The application must support package tracking of Singapore Post registered packages, and live tiles + Lock-Screen should show the progress of these packages.

Optional: there would be a push notification sent to the user when the item is delivered.

SG Post

10. Singapore MRT Application – This application will show the map of singapore’s metro / MRT stations. Users would be able to search for a specific station and the station should blink if there is a match. It will also help the user to find the shortest route from one station to another station. Information on the first and last train should be provided to the user. The application should also show various top point of interest near the MRT station. Voice command would be able the launch the application by saying “what are the interesting places around jurong east”, and the application should show a list of point of interest around this MRT station.

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