Get your Chinese New Year shopping done with App of the Week DBS Shopper and Indulge by Joyce Huang

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Ok, this might be a little early, but Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!
As you may know, Chinese New Year is a time for young and old alike to stuff their faces, enjoy some family time, give or take some ang paos (red packets) and more importantly… buy new stuff!It’s times like these that make you glad that you’ve gotten yourself that credit or debit card that DBS offered you.

There’s no better way to maximise that now than with our app of the week, DBS Shopper and Indulge.

Here are some of the app features:

The top ten offers are showcased on the main hub once you open the application.


Check out some of the  best deals under the Indulge section.


Celebrate great dining tastes in Singapore. 365 days a year. Feast on dining privileges serving you specialties from every corner of the globe. Savour a myriad culinary choices, from Asian, to Western, to International. And on special occasions like festive holidays or your birthday, perk things up with special treats from DBS.


Shopper is every self-respecting shopper’s new best friend! It assembles irresistable deals and special discounts that you can enjoy in shops
all over Singapore only with your DBS/POSB Credit or Debit cards.


You can choose to shop by location through the map view:


And you can even share those exclusive deals with your friends and family easily! Also, Chinese New Year is the period where hairdressers mark up their prices, bring that price back down with these DBS promotions!

Happy shopping everyone!

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