Introducing Internet Explorer’s Inori Aizawa by Steven Neo

Singapore’s premier anime convention, Anime Festival Asia (AFA), was back in town and anime fans were treated to Microsoft Singapore’s exclusive unveiling of a new anime heroine, Inori Aizawa.


Inori Aizawa was created by local art enthusiast group Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) in March 2013, and drew more than 20,000 likes and comments. Her immense popularity caught the attention of Microsoft Singapore who decided to unveil Inori especially for AFA 2013 to coincide with the launch of Internet Explorer (IE) 11.


Microsoft Singapore also collaborated with Nanyang Technological University’s CACANi Animation to develop a special promotional video introducing Inori. The video has been a resounding success with fans, gathering more than 2 million views within three days of its launch and fans requests for a 24 episode television series featuring Inori.


Day 2 of AFA, Saturday morning 9:30am and Microsoft Singapore’s experiential booth for Inori Aizawa was already buzzing with activity as everyone queued up eagerly to experience Internet Explorer (Inori Version) on Surface tablets.




Lucky fans who visited the Microsoft booth early were rewarded with a limited edition Inori Aizawa Internet Explorer t-shirt.


The Microsoft booth was full of attractive displays featuring Inori which were extremely popular with fans and shutterbugs.




Creative fans had a lot of fun with Inori by striking interesting poses with the character.




At 2pm, the booth was graced by the presence of Valerie from Asian Pop Collective (APC) who is the voice of Inori. Her photo session drew huge crowds of people and even attracted the attention of a cute Iron Man cosplayer.


Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 8.28.05 PM




Inori Aizawa has been a huge success at AFA and I am sure that fans will be seeing more of her in future Microsoft promotional events. Stay tune to Spiffy for more news about Inori!


In the mean time, you can find out more about Inori and access exclusive content at the following links:


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