Windows Office 365 Japan Launch by Steven Neo

Konnichiwa! It has been a while since my last post in Spiffy due to my hectic schedule for my Tokyo MBA program. Fortunately, I was able to take a short break from my studies when I was kindly invited to attend the Tokyo product launch for Microsoft Office 365. Here’s a brief account of my adventure at the product launch.

It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was so excited about the product launch that I arrived an hour early at the event venue, ????????.

The event was held at the 3rd floor of the building. The tone of the event was noticeably more solemn than the ones that I have attended in Singapore. Everyone was quietly waiting outside the room for the event. When the doors opened, everyone lined up neatly and quietly, and slowly registered their names before taking a seat.

At 5pm sharp, the event started and the presenter took to the stage to introduce the topics that will be covered for the presentation.

The speaker highlighted the main new features of Office 365, and how it will benefit small and medium enterprises.

Some of the features in Office 365 that was covered in the event included


  • Flash fill – Auto complete fields for cells.
  • New graphing capabilities – Improved look and feel for Excel graphs.
  • Automatic grid lines for better alignment of objects.


  • Ability to create teams and specify themes for team webpages.
  • Newsfeed for team webpages.
  • Ability to synchronize documents between offline and online folders.

A big thank you to Microsoft Japan for organizing a great product launch event. I enjoyed myself at the event and I am looking forward to the next Microsoft event in Tokyo.

You can enjoy the UStream video for the event at the following link:

Unfortunately the video is in Japanese and there are no English subtitles available.

What do you think of the Tokyo product launch for Office 365? Do you have other great tech events to recommend for us to participate? Do share with us your recommendations in the comments below and we might just do a special report based on your recommendations!

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