Operation Manager 2012 – New features to Enhance Enterprise Monitoring – TechDays 2011 {infra track} by Kinda Lau

Simon Skinner MVP has been in the computer industry since the early 1990’s. Starting out as a VB programmer where he developed stock control systems for haulage companies. From there he moved into networking gaining a high level of experience and expertise in designing and building web farms for large organizations…[more]


Raymond is the Principal Consultant of Infront Consulting, Singapore and a 5 year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on System Center Operations Manager. He is regularly engaged to speak at major IT events…[more]


PoeyYong is working as a senior technologist in the NetApp APAC team. PoeyYong expertise is in Information Management & Collaboration business. His work bridges clients, partners, and internal stakeholders to achieve a holistic solutions strategy…[more]


[slideshare id=9744989&doc=mstechdays2011-operationmanager2012newfeaturetoenhanceyourenterprisemonitoring-111018051049-phpapp01]

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