Channel NewsAsia Feature on Co-Founder of Call Levels, Cynthia Siantar by Steven Neo


(Credit: Channel NewsAsia)

One of our BizSpark startups, Call Levels, was recently featured in Channel NewsAsia where it provided an exclusive look into a day in the life of Cynthia Siantar, co-founder of Call Levels.

In financial markets, priority clients have the advantage of being the first to know when prices reach critical levels. Unfortunately, this is also an inefficient and expensive process of price monitoring that is not provided to most market participants.

Call Levels was born to close this gap by providing this “make or break” financial information to all players big and small. Since its launch, Call Levels has liberated tens of thousands of traders and investors from being tethered to their trading desk 90 hours a week, and ease up their time to focus on a richer array of pursuits: investment strategies, quality time with family, personal hobbies, etc.

To find out about Call Levels and its product offering, please visit their official website at

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