Lean UX Week – Workshops by UX Guru Janice Fraser by Joyce Huang

Microsoft BizSpark is proud to be a sponsor for Lean UX Week. The event will run from January 25 – 27, in our very own Auditorium in Microsoft Singapore!


Lean UX Week includes three separate one-day workshops catering to students, leaders, and anyone building a product. That’s three days of intensive work focused on the most important topics: customers, product, metrics, and vision. Here’s what you’ll learn.

Lean UX Week is a workshop that helps you to learn how to help your organisation create good habits around documenting assumptions about customers by creating personas, defining the minimum viable product, using a metrics dashboard to measure your product’s success and aligning your team members around a common purpose and set of values.

Who’s Janice Fraser?


Janice is a celebrated entrepreneur and startup coach whose visionary work has transformed how startups position, validate and deliver their products and services. With over 20 years in product leadership and experience design, Janice has extraordinary skill in guiding product to focus on the critical areas needed to achieve success.

Janice was co-founder of design firm Adaptive Path and served as the company’s first CEO. During her tenure, Adaptive Path tripled in staff and revenues, developed and sold a product to Google, coined the term Ajax, and transformed Adaptive Path from a lifestyle partnership to a high-growth firm.


Janice has been a guest speaker at many conferences and universities, including Haas, Kellogg, Stanford, and the Presidio Graduate School of Management.

Janice serves as an adviser to many startups, including TaskRabbit, Mingly, PopVox, and Diaspora.

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