Modern.IE: Testing made easier in Internet Explorer by Cheng Yee

Sick and tired of testing your web apps on multiple versions of Internet Explorer?

Modern.IE is here to save the day!

Modern.IE is a new resource for web developers that offers tools to help optimize their sites for modern browsers like IE10.

A new code detection wizard to detect common coding issues

Developers start by entering a webpage URL that they want to test:


In a few seconds, modern.IE reports the webpage results in the below three categories, and includes recommendations on how to update the site:

  1. Address common problems that result from supporting older versions of IE.
  2. Help the site work well across browsers, across mobile, desktop, tablets, even large-screen TVs.
  3. Consider building with some new features in Windows 8 like touch-enabled browsing and Start Screen site tile for your site.

Just when you think things cannot get any better, Microsoft has announced a special partnership with BrowserStack, a leading browser testing service that lets developers test their site on any browser on any Windows OS. For any web developer that visits BrowserStack via modern.IE, we’re offering three months of this service for free over the next year.

So the next time you’re testing your site, don’t forget to try out the tools on modern.IE and start you next project with BrowserStack.

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