Strategies to acquire 15K users without spending marketing dollars at Microsoft Business Talk by Steven Neo

One of the key challenges faced by startups has always been customer acquisition and one of Singapore’s leading EduTech startup, Miao Academy, was glad to share their own experience in acquiring 15,000 users without spending any marketing dollars in an exclusive “Microsoft Business Talk” session at NUS Enterprise Blk 71 on 7th April 2017.

Miao Academy is an educational technology company specializing in machine learning and natural language processing. Their vision is to use technology to improve the learning effectiveness and efficiency of students, while at the same time lowering barriers to access. It aims to offer a simple, fast and cost-effective way to help students with specific academic problems.

During the session, Betty and Ze Xuan from Miao Academy shared how they started from a simple prototype to 15,000 users for a beta product without spending any marketing dollars. They also shared about their interesting experiences and unique insights in the EduTech industry. Over 120 participants signed up for the event with a turnout of over 70 participants comprising of startups, developers, and industry professionals. The event was a hit with the community, and became one of the most well-attended session in this event series.

At the end of the session, the audience connected with our team members and Miao Academy over light refreshments and discussed about potential future collaborations.

Special thanks to Betty and Ze Xuan for taking time off from their busy schedules to present in our event. A big thank you to all event attendees and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events.

You can review the presentation slides at: How do we achieve 15,000 users without spending marketing dollars.pdf

To find out about Miao Academy and its product offering, please visit their official website at

Special thanks to NUS Enterprise Blk 71 for being our great event partner for “Microsoft Business Talk”.

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