Announcing the 2015 Public Recruitment for Microsoft Student Partners by Rong Kang Chew

MSP15 Public Recruitment Condensed

I’m glad to announce the public recruitment of the Microsoft Student Partners in Singapore!

If you’re interested in joining MSP Singapore, please register your interest now by 6 May 2015:



Who are the Microsoft Student Partners?

The Microsoft Student Partners are a global group of student developer who love the Microsoft technology stack, and love sharing this technology with their student communities around them.

In Singapore, we have 40 awesome MSPs from polytechnics and universities, from Schools of IT, Engineering, Business and more! They are part of over 7,000 MSPs from 120 countries all over the globe. These MSPs are experts on the Microsoft technology stack, and organize activities and events for their own campus.

Here’s a video featuring some of these international MSPs:


We’ve just announced the Public Recruitment for MSP in Singapore last weekend at the Imagine Cup 2015 Singapore Finals.

Here’s the slide deck that we showed in case you missed it:

We’re looking for a limited number of enthusiastic student developers and ambassadors to join the MSP Singapore group this May. Do you have what it takes to be a technical evangelist MSP? If you do, register your interest now by 6 May 2015!

After registering your interest, we will request more information from you, and shortlist potential MSPs to attend an interview. Finally, accepted MSPs will be invited to attend our May meetup. Here’s an overview of what happens when after registering your interest.

If you have any questions, please send them over to Jason Chee, Programme Lead for MSP Singapore:

Quick Q&A:

Why should I join the Microsoft Student Partners?

If you have a passion for technology, especially Microsoft technology, and think you can benefit from having a platform to share your passion with your student community, then the Microsoft Student Partners is the perfect match for you.

Apart from that, you’ll have the first-hand access to the newest Microsoft technologies and tools, and have lots of opportunities to meet new people in the IT industry. All these experiences can be helpful once you have them under your belt! As an outstanding MSP, you may be occasionally rewarded with the latest hardware too.

What kind of skills do I need to be an MSP?

If you’re already knowledgeable about the Microsoft technology stack and developing Windows apps, you’re already a great fit. Otherwise, you should know how to code for any platform and can learn new languages independently. If you don’t know how to code, but think you’re a really fast learner, we may consider you.

Apart from that, MSPs should have the confidence and initiative to speak about Microsoft technology and organize workshops within their own campus. You don’t have to be totally awesome at that right now though, as the programme is meant to be a learning opportunity for you too.

What kind of commitment does the programme require?

Minimally, you are required to attend our monthly meetups that happen on a Saturday morning-afternoon of every month. This is where we discuss the latest announcements from Microsoft, and have training on the latest developer technologies. There’s food and some fun too, of course.

As an MSP, you will need to organize some events to achieve outcomes that are determined together as a group. These can be general workshops on Windows or Office, or a campaign to get everyone to write an app. We find that organizing events like these not only allows you to reach the students in your campus, but also help you to build a profile in your campus.

There are also many other roles that MSPs play, developers, designers etc.

How many students will you accept this recruitment? What kind of students?

The number of people recruited will depend on the quality of registrants, and the current number of existing MSPs in the campus. We do not expect the MSP group in Singapore to grow larger than 70 students.

The MSP programme in Singapore accepts students studying full-time in a Polytechnic, University or Private University. You need not be studying in a School of IT, Engineering or other related courses.

If you were a previous applicant for Microsoft Student Partners, your progress since your previous application will be taken into account.

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  1. Aufa Ibrahim

    I’d like to know more information about the 2015 Public Recruitment for Microsoft Student Partners. Are there any specific requirements such as software developing experiences?

    A brief description of myself, I’m a student from Singapore Poly, doing Diploma in Information Technology, Year one. I believe that being a Microsoft student partner would help me kick start my career and that’s one of the reason of why I’m interested.

    I would really like to know more about it and a fast reply would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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