Checking on your Windows 8 App’s Reviews by Jason Chee

App Reviews are essential to every developer to see how their app is faring in the Store. It tells developers what issues users face when using the app, suggestions on what to implement next, and even compliments on what they’re doing right.

If you have created an app for Windows 8, you would have noticed that the current Windows 8 Developer Dashboard doesn’t report ratings in a very efficient manner, grouping it by country and requiring developers to scroll through an entire list to see the ratings for each country.

They’ve noted that they are considering consolidating all the reviews so that you can see every country at once, but in the meantime here’s how to see all your app’s ratings.

There’s a site called Windows 8 Review that has a service which scans through the Windows 8 Store and reports on app popularity and ratings. The ratings are pulled from every country and not just one, letting you see what users think about your app in a neat list.

The site even includes an RSS Feed for your app reviews, so you can check on them easily if you’re using a feed reader such as Feedburner.

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