Imagine Cup 2013 Semi-final results by Joyce Huang

A big thank you to all the incredible students who took part in the local semi-finals of Imagine Cup 2013! From solving issues of dementia, sign language and many more important problems by the world, we were deeply impressed by the creativity and passion displayed by all of you.


We are in the midst of shortlisting the finalists for the local finals and will reveal them shortly – stay tuned!


  • EyeCanSee
  • Moving Hand Interpreter
  • HalveSense
  • SilNation
Congrats to our finalists, see you soon!
For the rest, thank you for all the amazing work, we wish you all the best and still hope to see you for the next Imagine Cup! Please join us at our upcoming hackathon welivetocode !

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  1. Terence Lim

    All the best teams 🙂 Russia will be fun to go to!


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