Live to Code, Fight the Night! by Cheng Yee

Yesterday marked the end of our overnight We Live to Code hackathon hackathon in Microsoft office! This year, the hackathon was held in collaboration with Samsung Singapore and we hosted about eighty participants and 20 teams pitched their ideas on the final pitching session on Sunday, 7th April.

The series of events in We Live to Code started on 5th April night, where participants came to pitch their ideas, network and find potential team mates to work with. Various interesting ideas were pitched and we were delighted to witness the creative juices of our participants.

As the night wrapped up, the participants headed home to prepare for an early morning the next day. 6th April morning marked the start of the overnight hackathon!

This year, we had exciting activities in store for the participants as well! There were sharings by Windows 8 developers on their app development journey.

Zheng Hao, Windows 8 app developer who published MegaTube, shared about his journey, specifically why he ventured into the Windows 8 platform, the opportunities he spotted and his profits. 

Garion, whose game LINX has been published on Windows 8 store, shared about journey in creating LINX with his team. 

Besides, we had a photobooth following the theme of “The Zombies Strike Again”!

The props ready to doll our participants up to look like full-fledged zombies! (Aaaaaar!!!) 

Photos of our enthusiastic participants having fun with our props! 

And the team with best photo!!! Congratulations for the B&J vouchers won! :) 

Other peeps having fun as well! :) 

We also had a special guest… the AR DRONEEEEE!  Bored from coding, and photo taking isn’t your cup of tea. You can have some fun with the AR DRONE :)

Look how intrigued the toddler is by the AR DRONE! 

Besides fun, our participants had their serious business going on as well! Coding, coding, coding, as the minutes ticked by to create their awesome apps before the pitching session on Sunday.

We Live to Code overnight hackathon has ended with a high, the teams will continue brushing up their apps in the one month period and submit their apps by 5th May! Keep it going teams, we are excited to see your final apps! :)

For those who has not signed up for the hackathon but are interested to code for Windows as well, you can visit the following links for more information.

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