We Live to Code – The Zombies Strike Again by Cheng Yee

The Zombies Strike Again!!! Take part in We Live to Code 2013, that has returned stronger and better with our partner, Samsung! What’s best is that anyone can sign up, whether you are a student, developer or a startup!

So, develop a great app and be part of the app revolution! All developers can register individually or as a team, preferably in teams of three or less. If you’re a lone ranger, fret not. On the first day of the hackathon, you can mingle with other participants and identify peeps you want together for the next month.

Interested to be part of this awesome experience, yet you feel that lack the skills. Join us for pre-hackathon training on the evenings of 20th and 27th March. These trainings sessions are helmed by in-house Microsoft technical experts and target to equip participants with the relevant training to develop their apps.

But, there’s a slight twist.

We live to code returns with double pitching session, the first pitch will be held on the last day of the Hackathon (7th April 2013) and the second pitch will be on 5th May 2013. The former will constitute 30% of the team’s score and the latter will constitute 70%. In the one month period, you can then test and refine your apps from good to great.

To be part of the this awesome experience, applicants can sign up via http://welivetocode.eventbrite.com/. Successful applicants will then be contacted via email for their personal particulars and their app ideas.

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